Tallahassee Community College Kitchen Renovation

Contract Work included minor demolition to provide rough in for installation of new Plumbing Fixtures, Food Service Equipment & Exhaust Hood for the Kitchen Area.  HVAC modifications include a 100% Make-Up Air Unit and Exhaust Fan to work in sequence with the New Kitchen Hood.  Plumbing modifications to the existing drain, waste and vent piping system were made by installing additional grease trap and lines along with routing new water and gas supply in attic space to serve the kitchen equipment.  Owner’s Intent was to meet new demands on grease storage and eliminate existing sewer smell in Kitchen Area, both to which were accomplished.  Electrical work included demolition and replacement of a service panel to Accommodate new demand loads. Modifications to Fire Alarm and Ansul System were addressed and brought up to applicable building codes.  Two roof top exhaust fan work platforms were also installed to meet new building code requirements.  Minor interior renovations include patch repair work to match existing masonry, quarry tile and gypsum wallboard systems and finished out with new paint and sealant (paint was not in contract).